Window Cleaning Service

A great way to maintain the appearance and condition of your home windows!

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?
Water is first purified removing all the minerals and impurities that are present in our everyday tap water. After this process water is pumped up a telescopic carbon-fibre pole, which can service both single and double storey properties. Specially designed soft bristle brushes are used to clean the glass while brush fan jets of pure water rinse the glass.

The brush then loosens the dirt and grime which is absorbed and flushed away by the stream of pure water. Because no detergent is used, windows don't get greasy and stay cleaner for longer. The glass is simply rinsed again and left to dry naturally. As the minerals and impurities have been removed from the water, glass will dry spot free!


Pure Water Window Cleaning

This is ideal for residents seeking a budget friendly alternative as opposed to a full window cleaning service which can become expensive. Maintain the appearance and condition of your home windows with no chemicals!

The cleaning properties of Pure Water are amazing, absorbing dirt which is then washed away leaving the glass & frames completely clean & spot free. Traditional service also available! Full service includes glass, frames, screens and tracks!

Adelaide Window Cleaning, Local Home Windows
Adelaide Window Cleaning, Local Home Windows

Did you know:

Regular cleaning of your windows will prevent any long term damage or corrosion. We are a member of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation.